Happiness in workplace increases the productivity of the organization as happy employees are more productive and strive to perform better for achieving the desired goals of the organization. The meaningful work that is the results of employee’s happiness leads to the success of the organization. Happy vibes also results in lower turnover and absenteeism as the employees are more vigilant and attentive. Happy employees connect better with their daily tasks and the large mission or purpose of the organization. They strive to do their best for the betterment of the organization.

There are many ways to spread happy vibes in the workplace which includes-

Be kind to others- the act of kindness help people to connect with each other in the workplace. This is the best way in which you can spread happiness around yourself. Work does not necessarily have to be stressful and serious as happy employees tend to work better as compared to their over worked and stressed counterparts. Happy vibes in the workplace can improve the productivity of the organization which does not only come from financial perks. Even simple gestures like a smile can bring happiness in the workplace and can also improve the mood of the employees.

Greet your colleagues in the morning- even if your colleagues had to deal with heavy traffic in the morning but a simple ??good morning’ can alleviate their mood. This will help people in the workplace to meet deadlines and finish their reports on time. Thus starting the day with positive attitude can help to keep everything in its proper place.

Enlighten your colleague’s mood through email- sending inspiring quotes everyday to your co-worker can be a good inspiration for everyone in the office. It will take only few minutes to spread some noble thoughts to your co-workers.

Remember the birthday of your co-worker- give a birthday card to your colleagues on their birthday and even celebrate it with a simple birthday wish. This will make them feel valued and important which will help in boosting their productivity.

Recognizing the work of your co-worker- if you acknowledge the hard work of a co-worker who deserves it even if it is a small accomplishment then it will make them happy. Appreciation is the best way to spread happy vibes in the workplace which motivates the person and set his mood to work harder.

Helping your colleagues- if you give a helping hand to your co-worker then they will feel happy about it. It will also bring a smile on their face.

Be optimistic- even if everyone in your workplace is very stressed due to work pressure, try your level best to bring silver lining. Any kind of stress can be dealt easily with open communications and through teamwork.

Be good to your co-workers- if you are nice to your co-workers then they will also be nice to you. You can take the initiative to be a good person. It can be done with being courteous with your body language, carrying polite mannerisms and smiling while greeting everyone at your workplace. This humble and nice attitude can help in spreading good vibes in the workplace to make it is friendly and happy place.