A happy heart is a healthy heart. We seem to have forgotten that laughing and smiling makes us happy which is good for our health. Everybody is aware that laughter helps us to feel good. During moments of distress it just a bout of laughter that helps us to come out from the depth of sadness to the high ranks of happiness. If somebody is down and feeling blue, an angelic smile is sufficient to cheer him up. You do not know but laughing and smiling can actually help you to feel better and live better.

Studies have proved that there are several ways how smiling and laughing can positively affect our health. They are listed below:

1. Helps to reduce pain – A study conducted in the year 1996 showed interesting results, that, the patients who underwent laughter therapy prior to their surgery then they required lesser painkillers as compared to the ones who did not. People who suffer from intense pain due to some illness forget the intensity of pain when they are in a laughter environment. Indeed, a patient suffering from inflammatory arthritis found it very help to combat his pain by watching comedies.

2. Helps to reduce stress – In today’s fast paced world where everybody is busy in their own works, stress has become evidently a part of their lives. The pressure that we face today in our work life, family life and social life has a negative impact on our health. Therefore, health experts suggest being a part of laughter sessions to get relief from stress. People who are suffering from depression and anxiety find it very helpful to laugh regularly as feeling depressed and tensed while laughing is impossible.

3. Helps to improve heart health – As stated earlier, “A happy heart is a healthy heart”. Therefore, if we keep our hearts happy then it will be healthy too. Laughing helps the blood vessels to expand and makes it easier for blood to flow. When the blood flow is good then the supply to every vital organ including heart is good too which makes the heart healthy. The smooth flow of blood ensures that it does not coagulate and helps in clotting too.

4. Helps the immune system – It might seem surprising but laughter and smile can help the immune system. When we are stressed, it decreases the immune response of our body. When the immunity levels of our body decreases then we are more prone to diseases. A good laugh helps to decrease stress and boost our immunity levels. It also helps to raise levels of antibodies that helps in fighting infections.

5. Helps to burn calories – People who are trying hard to lose weight but cannot do so due to lack of time or sheer laziness have a reason to rejoice. Laughing helps to burn calories at the rate of 1.3 calories per minute either in a group or alone. This means for every one hour of laughing 78 calories are burnt. When calories are burnt then it helps to lose the fat content of the body and become slimmer.