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How to Handle Disagreements with Co-Workers


The workplace can be a source of fights too. You may not have the best day at work if you find your self in disagreement with co-workers. Such situation is unhealthy and needs to be resolved right away before the conflict gets even worse. Ideally, workplaces should be harmonious to achieve maximum productivity. Instead of letting disagreements fester, you need to face and it and do the best right things to resolve it and get back on track. So, how you do handle disagreements co-workers? Here are the best ways.

Recognize That There Is a Conflict 

The truth is there no workplace without disagreements. It is an inevitable thing especially when the people within it are all driven, fired up and committed. This is not to say that you should make trouble just because of the sake of reveling in conflict. This just means that disagreements happen and when it does, do not consider it as the end of all things. In fact, it can serve as a start of a new learning process. If you realize the existence of conflicts, you will be able to handle it in a constructive manner. Do something about it and do not allow it to go on for a long time.

Handle Disagreements As Soon As Possible 

This is one of the most vital things to resolve disagreements with co-workers. If you can resolve the conflicts now, do it. Letting it gets worse by waiting for it to blow over is never a good thing. It can be tempting to pretend that all things are okay. Yet, this is not the right thing to do. Doing nothing is the worst step that you can take when conflicts exist in the workplace. It may be awkward to tackle the conflict, but if you face it right away things can be even better. There is nothing wrong in admitting you were wrong or talking things over with those you have conflicts with.

Always Ask 

A powerful way to resolve a conflict once and for all is to simply ask. If you do not understand your co-worker’s viewpoint or someone at work did something that you didn’t like – ask! This will help you gain a better understanding of the situation and their actions. However, try your best to ask nicely be careful with your worlds. Avoid less constructive questions that can potentially make the conflict more serious.

At times, there is really a good reason why someone does some things. If you will know about these, the disagreement may just melt down. Also, do not assume that a co-worker does certain things to make you feel annoyed. Instead, always ask and so you will have a clearer mind.

Apologize and Forgive 

Apart from all these, it is also important that you apologize if you have done something wrong and accept the apology of others in case they have offended or annoyed you in some way. Always realize that solving disagreements with co-workers is totally worth it than letting it go on unresolved. In this way, your relations with your co-workers will be healthier and this also means a more satisfying life at work.

How to Find Your True Passion in Life


Your true passion is that thing which releases you from the yokes of misery, boredom and aimlessness and gives you a purpose to live. Discovering your passion is like finding a gold mine that is always hidden in your backyard. You don’t pursue your passion for materialistic gains but because it gives you joy and a reason to continue. If you want to find your true passion in life, use the following tips.

Find What You Are Good At

A horse doesn’t win a race just because it wants to, but because it has a passion to run. There are some things which every individual is born for and as long as you can find this hidden talent, you will have found your passion. Make a list of all the things you are good at and do with great ease. Once you have identified such things or activities, they will direct you towards your passion. This is based on the fact that whatever you love doing, you’ll always do it with remarkable ease. One or even more of such things would be something that you’re so passionate about.

Find What You Have Always Desired to Be

During your childhood, you may have had some dreams, which you later abandoned for being too crazy or impractical. Just make a list of those crazy ambitions and dreams you had. Dreams are timeless and so you can still follow them. Among those abandoned dreams, you might be surprised to find your passion.

Find What You Are Crazy About

There must be something that you are totally crazy about. This does not mean the petite girl or handsome dude that you always dream about. These are the things or activities that you worship. It may be sports, such as football, trekking, movies or any other related activity. One of these activities may just be your true passion in life. What shows your true passion for something is when you have childlike and crazy enthusiasm for it.

Find What Makes You High

There are some things or activities that you are extremely passionate about which will just make you high. Forget the ??high’ induced by alcohol, nicotine or drugs. I mean the high that comes with your passion. It might be that crazy peculiarity that gives you a peace of mind and distinguishes you from the rest; that is your passion.

Find What Gives You Joy

Another way to find your true passion in life is to identify your source of happiness. Just find what makes you very happy. Don’t consider any material gain or money but the absolute joy of doing something. This will certainly direct you to your passion. Just pursue your passion, and material gain or fame will automatically follow.

Pursuit of happiness and passion is everyone’s birthright. Although passion may seem hidden, you can easily find it if you want to. Simply clear the cobwebs of conformity and you will see it. The key to finding your true passion is to believe in yourself and what you do.

Laughing & Smiling Can Improve Your Health


A happy heart is a healthy heart. We seem to have forgotten that laughing and smiling makes us happy which is good for our health. Everybody is aware that laughter helps us to feel good. During moments of distress it just a bout of laughter that helps us to come out from the depth of sadness to the high ranks of happiness. If somebody is down and feeling blue, an angelic smile is sufficient to cheer him up. You do not know but laughing and smiling can actually help you to feel better and live better.

Studies have proved that there are several ways how smiling and laughing can positively affect our health. They are listed below:

1. Helps to reduce pain – A study conducted in the year 1996 showed interesting results, that, the patients who underwent laughter therapy prior to their surgery then they required lesser painkillers as compared to the ones who did not. People who suffer from intense pain due to some illness forget the intensity of pain when they are in a laughter environment. Indeed, a patient suffering from inflammatory arthritis found it very help to combat his pain by watching comedies.

2. Helps to reduce stress – In today’s fast paced world where everybody is busy in their own works, stress has become evidently a part of their lives. The pressure that we face today in our work life, family life and social life has a negative impact on our health. Therefore, health experts suggest being a part of laughter sessions to get relief from stress. People who are suffering from depression and anxiety find it very helpful to laugh regularly as feeling depressed and tensed while laughing is impossible.

3. Helps to improve heart health – As stated earlier, “A happy heart is a healthy heart”. Therefore, if we keep our hearts happy then it will be healthy too. Laughing helps the blood vessels to expand and makes it easier for blood to flow. When the blood flow is good then the supply to every vital organ including heart is good too which makes the heart healthy. The smooth flow of blood ensures that it does not coagulate and helps in clotting too.

4. Helps the immune system – It might seem surprising but laughter and smile can help the immune system. When we are stressed, it decreases the immune response of our body. When the immunity levels of our body decreases then we are more prone to diseases. A good laugh helps to decrease stress and boost our immunity levels. It also helps to raise levels of antibodies that helps in fighting infections.

5. Helps to burn calories – People who are trying hard to lose weight but cannot do so due to lack of time or sheer laziness have a reason to rejoice. Laughing helps to burn calories at the rate of 1.3 calories per minute either in a group or alone. This means for every one hour of laughing 78 calories are burnt. When calories are burnt then it helps to lose the fat content of the body and become slimmer.

7 Ways to Cheer Someone Up and Put a Smile on Their Face


Life is not a bed of roses. If there are happy days, there are also those that are sad. Things can become really difficult if a member of your family, your friend or some special is feeling low. But rather than just feeling bad about it you need to do something that will make them happy. So here are 7 ways to cheer someone up and put a smile on their face.

1. Change of place

Sometimes to cheer someone up all it takes is a fresh, positive outlook. You can easily achieve this with a change of place. You can take your friend out for a walk, a day trip to a close by hiking trail or a road trip. You may also go out for shopping or visit a close by restaurant or coffee shop. The main reason to take someone out is to divert attention.

2. A hug

A hug has a great healing power. There hardly can be a thing in the world that can be as comforting and soothing as a hug. When your friend is feeling bad, no matter what the reason is, giving a hug will instantly make him/her feel better.

3. Offer drink or food

If you offer a drink like a hot cocoa or something nice to eat to your friend, it can prove to be very helpful. Hot drinks help relax and soothe people, and certain foods like chocolate triggers release of endorphin hormone, which is also known as happy hormone.

4. Remind them of happy moments

Everyone has good memories in their lives. You too surely must be having some good memories that you have built with your friend. So, when he/she is feeling low you can remind them of those golden days. Not only will it divert attention, remembering those beautiful moments, your friend is bound to smile.

5. Ask if you could do something

Instead of saying things like ??I am always there for your’ or ??You know I am there’ openly ask if there is something you could do. Give many options. Ask them if you could give their clothes to the dry cleaner, or get them something from the store. Do not ask them to call you when in need, instead always be by there side as much as possible.

6. Think about their favorites

If your friend likes a certain pop star and he is in town you can get concert tickets for both of you, or if your friend likes a certain movie star you can get some movie DVDs and watch them together. Not only will your friend appreciate this gesture, but it will also make him/her smile.

7. Give a gift

Now, getting a gift as it is can be difficult, and since your friend is sad, you need to be even more careful. The gift you get should not have any connection with the reason behind your friend’s bad mod. For instance if your friend just has had a breakup, you should not gift something that has anything romantic associated with it. You need to gift something that will bring a smile on your friend’s face. Do not forget to add a note with your gift that will make your friend feel positive and happy.

5 Ways to Be a Better Person


Many people have this tendency of complaining about how other people are bad, or how other people are so annoying. The irony in the whole thing is that they are themselves the worst persons you can ever think of. As a matter of fact, they happen to do bad things than what the other person does. If you need people to do good things to you, then it is just a bit logical that you have to be good yourself. Here are some 5 Ways to Be a Better Person.

Understand yourself
The most important thing to being a better person is to understand who you are. This will make you know what is expected of you and thus behave in a manner that will be comfortable not only for you, but other people. Understanding yourself will enable you know your responsibility and limits and act according to them.

Stop blaming others always
One of the best ways to be a better person is to stop blaming other people for everything that happens. The moment you are able to own up to your mistake is the moment you will be able to be a better person. At the end of it all you will realize that you are slowly turning to be a better person.

Take time to think before you start talking
Many people are always very quick to comment on an issue only to realize that the comments they made are so damaging. It is, then your responsibility to carefully think of your words before you let them come out. This will also enable you to avoid quarrels and conflicts with your colleagues. The word you speak have far-reaching effects to other people and it is wise if we can be able to “ tame your tongue”.

Set your goals in a very wise way
It is important to have goals and dreams in life. Though you can have goals it is important also to note that your goals should be set in the right way. If you set your goals right it means that they are not goals that will clash with other people’s interest and cause conflict. Indeed, you should set goals that are achievable.

Be honest
Honesty is one of the most important pinnacles of life. This is because it makes you live well with people, it creates a good environment between you and the people around you and above all it creates confidence in the people you associate with. It is always very hard to associate well with other people if you are not honest with them honesty is also a personal issue. You need to be honest with yourself before even being honest with other people.

In essence there are a lot of things one can do to become a better person. When you are a better person you will live well with other people and above all you will always have a happy life. Happiness comes when you are realistic with yourself and when you accept others the way they are. It is then important that you take in these tips.

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