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Live your own life…just don’t hurt no one while you do it.

Get out the Box

Quoting the late Steve Jobs, ““Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”  It seems that no matter what we do, we seem to compare our lives on how we perceive others want us to be.  It’s easy to “conform to the norm,”  but that doesn’t mean we sacrifice who we are.  The image above shows a vintage television set and inside you will see a small ocean.  The box embeds the ocean and you don’t see “the big picture.”  It’s easy to miss what is really hidden underneath unless we get out the box.  There is more beauty outside the box rather than inside.  Live your life how you see it, unveil the beauty you hold inside.  Do what you love and live to love.  The only thing that holds you back is how you allow others to judge you.  Go about your day and live .  One rule to keep is it’s ok as long as no one is hurt in the process including yourself.  Live, Love, and be happy.

Change the threat to opportunity



In life we cannot change what happens to us, however we can change how we deal with stresses.  We all have an opportunity to change  it’s just a matter of seeing the door to freedom.  I can’t say that it would be easy I can say that it will be rewarding.  You can’t always change what is being done to you but you can change how you deal with it.  Don’t let the day to day stresses bring you down.  If you can overcome it, then in time the change you make today will allow you to deal with tougher situations in the future.  In many cases you will learn to see the warning signs of what is ahead and steer past obstacles.  This is why we decided to use the quote from Maya Angelou,” If you don’t like something, change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”  Motivating words to empower you through trials.

How to Stop Procrastination in 5 Easy Steps


Procrastination is a habit or a practice where chores which are not needed quickly are given preference as opposed to urgent chores. In this event therefore, those tasks which are presumed to be stressful or elicit negative emotions are postponed to a later date whereas those which bring positive emotions are tackled first. Procrastination can be avoided or prevented by following these five easy steps:-

List all the tasks

In order to stop procrastination, it is important that you formulate a list of the tasks that need to be accomplished. The list will help you identify the tasks which are more important than others. You will be able to evaluate which projects or tasks if accomplished will mean or have more benefits than others. By analyzing the list, you will be able to establish which tasks if tackled will have positive long term effects as opposed to others. Re-evaluate the tasks and come up with a final list. Lay emphasis on those chores which are more essential as opposed to those which mean less to your life. By eliminating the less essential tasks from the list, the focus will be on the essential projects thus putting the much needed efforts on them.

Tackle the hard projects first

The final list of tasks will be a mixture of projects or chores which seem harder than others. To feel more productive, tackle those tasks or jobs which you consider as the hardest first followed by easier ones. By tackling the harder jobs first will motivate you to tackle the remaining tasks with a lot of ease. Since you were able to finish the toughest project, then the rest is almost over. You will not be stressed and pinned down by the other less hard projects.


On the list of tasks or projects, it is very important to create some element of accountability. Have someone that you report to on the progress of your tasks after a given period of time. Once you perform some tasks, let someone go through or email the work to someone who will in turn have a look at it and give you feedback. Have more than one person that you report to. This will help stop procrastination hence accomplishing tasks more important as opposed to less important ones.

Tackle the project step by step

Looking at the whole job or project may seem like a mountain. To climb the mountain, you must move step by step as you focus the top. Break the tasks into smaller tasks and work on them one by one. Focus on the smaller tasks and once one is finished, that will be a step closer in accomplishing the whole project. Making it through one step will keep you motivated to go to the next one. Within no time, you will find that you are through with the whole project or task.

Create time lines and eliminate all distractions

Having a timeline or deadline on tasks shows urgency as to when the work must be done unlike if left without a time frame. Finally clear all distractions which may hinder you in achieving your tasks.

5 Ways to Be a Better Person


Many people have this tendency of complaining about how other people are bad, or how other people are so annoying. The irony in the whole thing is that they are themselves the worst persons you can ever think of. As a matter of fact, they happen to do bad things than what the other person does. If you need people to do good things to you, then it is just a bit logical that you have to be good yourself. Here are some 5 Ways to Be a Better Person.

Understand yourself
The most important thing to being a better person is to understand who you are. This will make you know what is expected of you and thus behave in a manner that will be comfortable not only for you, but other people. Understanding yourself will enable you know your responsibility and limits and act according to them.

Stop blaming others always
One of the best ways to be a better person is to stop blaming other people for everything that happens. The moment you are able to own up to your mistake is the moment you will be able to be a better person. At the end of it all you will realize that you are slowly turning to be a better person.

Take time to think before you start talking
Many people are always very quick to comment on an issue only to realize that the comments they made are so damaging. It is, then your responsibility to carefully think of your words before you let them come out. This will also enable you to avoid quarrels and conflicts with your colleagues. The word you speak have far-reaching effects to other people and it is wise if we can be able to “ tame your tongue”.

Set your goals in a very wise way
It is important to have goals and dreams in life. Though you can have goals it is important also to note that your goals should be set in the right way. If you set your goals right it means that they are not goals that will clash with other people’s interest and cause conflict. Indeed, you should set goals that are achievable.

Be honest
Honesty is one of the most important pinnacles of life. This is because it makes you live well with people, it creates a good environment between you and the people around you and above all it creates confidence in the people you associate with. It is always very hard to associate well with other people if you are not honest with them honesty is also a personal issue. You need to be honest with yourself before even being honest with other people.

In essence there are a lot of things one can do to become a better person. When you are a better person you will live well with other people and above all you will always have a happy life. Happiness comes when you are realistic with yourself and when you accept others the way they are. It is then important that you take in these tips.

3 Reasons on Why You Should Set Goals


It is not strange to find yourself adrift or aimless in life. There are times when you can work hard but after some period of time, there is nothing to show off. You can work industriously but you just don’t seem to be going anywhere. One of the key reasons why you can feel this way is a lack of goals in life. It is important to think of what you want in life and the exact things that you want to achieve. Setting formal goals guarantees you better results and it is an easy way of achieving or accomplishing your goals in life. It is all about embarking on a journey that has a targeted designation where you must reach in order to feel satisfied.

The following are 3 reasons on why you should set goals in life:

1. A source of motivation
In essence, Goal setting in life is a very material process that paves the way for an ideal future. In other words, it is a motivational process that can turn your visions into reality thereby changing your life and taking you to greater heights. If you know exactly where you want to go or what you want in life, it will be easier to know where to put all your efforts and money. Equally important, it will be easy to know the distraction spots that can lead you astray and deter you from achieving your goals. Renowned personalities, athletes as well as successful business people have been able to achieve a lot in all their respective fields because of setting goals in life. Goal setting will motivate you by giving you a long term vision.

2. Better time management
It is said that time is the most crucial element in life. Indeed, it can plausibly be argued that if time is not properly managed, a lot is wasted. Rightly so, goal setting comes as one of the ways that can help an individual to manage time properly and focus on only things that are important in life. Apart from helping you in the acquisition of knowledge, setting goals in life helps you to organize your time. It is a good opportunity to manage and organize your resources knowing well that you can achieve a lot in your life even in a short period. It is advisable to set sharp goals that are accurately defined. This ensures that everything is done in its own time. It is the best way to organize your ability to handle important things in life no matter the short period available.

3. Propels you forward in life
Ideally, goals are meant to trigger your inner desires. The same desires are also meant to bring the necessary motivation. The moment you start setting your goals, you are able to move forward even in the midst of distractions. Having set your goals, your motivation becomes activated and is at its peak. Goals can be described as the fuel that drives an individual forward even in the middle of difficulties and tough times.

Setting goals can start by first establishing what you want to do or achieve in life. There are large scale and small scale goals that ought to be clearly identified and the right time allocated. Above all, setting smaller targets that you ought to reach is equally important if you want to achieve your goals in life.

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