Life is not a bed of roses. If there are happy days, there are also those that are sad. Things can become really difficult if a member of your family, your friend or some special is feeling low. But rather than just feeling bad about it you need to do something that will make them happy. So here are 7 ways to cheer someone up and put a smile on their face.

1. Change of place

Sometimes to cheer someone up all it takes is a fresh, positive outlook. You can easily achieve this with a change of place. You can take your friend out for a walk, a day trip to a close by hiking trail or a road trip. You may also go out for shopping or visit a close by restaurant or coffee shop. The main reason to take someone out is to divert attention.

2. A hug

A hug has a great healing power. There hardly can be a thing in the world that can be as comforting and soothing as a hug. When your friend is feeling bad, no matter what the reason is, giving a hug will instantly make him/her feel better.

3. Offer drink or food

If you offer a drink like a hot cocoa or something nice to eat to your friend, it can prove to be very helpful. Hot drinks help relax and soothe people, and certain foods like chocolate triggers release of endorphin hormone, which is also known as happy hormone.

4. Remind them of happy moments

Everyone has good memories in their lives. You too surely must be having some good memories that you have built with your friend. So, when he/she is feeling low you can remind them of those golden days. Not only will it divert attention, remembering those beautiful moments, your friend is bound to smile.

5. Ask if you could do something

Instead of saying things like ??I am always there for your’ or ??You know I am there’ openly ask if there is something you could do. Give many options. Ask them if you could give their clothes to the dry cleaner, or get them something from the store. Do not ask them to call you when in need, instead always be by there side as much as possible.

6. Think about their favorites

If your friend likes a certain pop star and he is in town you can get concert tickets for both of you, or if your friend likes a certain movie star you can get some movie DVDs and watch them together. Not only will your friend appreciate this gesture, but it will also make him/her smile.

7. Give a gift

Now, getting a gift as it is can be difficult, and since your friend is sad, you need to be even more careful. The gift you get should not have any connection with the reason behind your friend’s bad mod. For instance if your friend just has had a breakup, you should not gift something that has anything romantic associated with it. You need to gift something that will bring a smile on your friend’s face. Do not forget to add a note with your gift that will make your friend feel positive and happy.

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